What is it?

Prebiotics such as Lactitol and Xylitol are moisturising substances that selectively protect and restore the skin microbiota, which forms part of the skin’s defence mechanisms against external aggressions. They help to restore the balance of the skin’s ecosystem by promoting the growth of beneficial germs to the detriment of harmful germs. Their selectivity is based on the ability of these germs to transform enzymatic polyols into assimilable sugars.

What is it for?

Prebiotics act by protecting the skin from external aggressions, regenerating it and balancing the skin flora.

Where can I find it?

These ingredients are contained in the Essentials cleansing range products, such as Micellar Cleansing Solution 3-in-1, Micellar Cleansing Gel and Micellar Cleansing Oil.


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