Discover MartiDerm

Discover MartiDerm

MartiDerm are specialists in caring for skin health and want their formula to reach people all over the world.

The MartiDerm Formula was launched by Farmacia Marti Tor in Barcelona in 1952 with the aim of creating unique and effective products for each skin need. Pharmacist and brand founder Josep Martí developed pioneering treatment formulas at the pharmacy based on vitamin C and proteoglycans.

It was not until 1989 that the company, together with the leading dermatologists in Spain, began to commercialise what would become MartiDerm’s flagship product: proteoglycan anti-aging ampoules. The ampoules are the product that best exemplifies the brand’s success. Their innovative amber glass format was an immediate hit and over 50,000 ampoules are now sold around the world every day.

Research keeps us at the forefront of skin care. All our products are subjected to rigorous clinical studies to guarantee their effectiveness. Each skin need requires specific ingredients for visible, immediate results and more than 60 products endorse our solid background.


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