Live life to the full, always remembering that you are unique and unrepeatable. Your family, friends, nature, gastronomy, sports, travel… Live smart, know the setbacks and conditions you’ll find along the way in order to handle them.

Smart Aging Martiderm

Take care of yourself, dedicate time to others but start with yourself. Feel good inside and out. Set the pace of the passage of time and accompany it with the best tools. Listen to your body, your skin, and give it what it needs throughout the journey. Protect it, calm it, nourish it… In doing this, good health in the form of beauty will show itself like a seal that guarantees you’re doing well. That’s how your body, skin and hair say “thanks”.

Life is a journey full of challenges and adventures that shape you as a person. Live it, feel it, enjoy it.

MartiDerm provides you with dermatological products to care for your skin and hair. Our 65-plus years of history speak of the reliability and efficacy of our products. Discover our Smart Aging Formula that meets each skin need and lifestyle. Recover, maintain and improve the original health and beauty of your skin. We listen to it and provide it with everything it needs to help you feel good. Choosing a MartiDerm product is choosing the smart way: using it to care for yourself is to prevent and accompany the aging process.


At MartiDerm we place great importance on dealings and communication with dermatologists, pharmacists and consumers to find out what they think about our products. This is how we can deliver on our mission of providing solutions with innovative and effective formulas for each skin care and need.


Our vision going forwards is to become a worldwide benchmark in dermocosmetics, a goal we work towards day by day to remain at the forefront of skin health.


MartiDerm’s values continue to be those set by Josep Martí over 60 years ago: innovation with latest-generation ingredients, proven efficacy in clinical studies, over 60 years’ experience, approachability thanks to personalised customer care, proximity with preparation in our own laboratory and transparency by sharing our formula with doctors, pharmacists and consumers.


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