Moisturising, firmness and sculpting

Correct the signs of body aging with MartiDerm’s Body Care products. They provide the necessary ingredients to keep your skin moisturised, firm and flexible, enhancing the penetration of other products and leaving the skin feeling soft and silky.

Hydra-Firming Body Lotion moisturises, firms and repairs the skin. It boosts cell renewal and encourages the absorption of the other ingredients. Silica also restores skin hydration by retaining moisture molecules.

Modelift Body Cream is an intensive body sculpting treatment that firms and slims specific areas, particularly the arms, thighs and abdomen. It contains active ingredients that improve muscle tone, while also having a draining and firming effect. Lastly, Exfolianting Body Cream has a triple action with clay, bentonite and zinc oxide for effective cleansing, salicylic acid to control sebum production and antibacterial properties, and promote skin cell renewal and inert aluminium oxide and silicone particles to exfoliate and eliminate sebum.


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